Case studies: Root cause for most autoimmune skin rash is GI and oxidative stress

Most, if not all autoimmune disorders have a dysfunctional gastrointestinal tract and elevated oxidative stress (a fancy word for non infectious inflammation including elevated free radicals). The common problems of the GU include Leaky Gut and Dysbiosis.

These GI conditions result in increased GI permeability which allows large food particles to enter the blood circulation, causing immune reactions against your own cells.  These immune reactions can happen anywhere in your body, some of the common sites include skin, thyroid, and joints.  When you go to visit a regular doctor, s/he mostly likely will treat these autoimmune diseases with steroid hormones or other symptomatic agents.  It’s difficult to cure these conditions.

With anti aging/functional medicine, we look at health and diseases holistically.  These autoimmune diseases including skin rashes often have a GI link and also elevated oxidative stress (a fancy word for inflammation).  By cleaning up the gut, changing the diet and adding enough antioxidants, people usually get significant improvement of their conditions, if not outright cure.  Here are just a few examples of such approach.

Case 1. Ms. T, with intestinal cancer and skin rash, came to our integrative cancer service, just about a month ago (Feb. 2018).  Her medical history includes GI complaints.  We started her on a restricted ketogenic diet (about 600 calories, no carbs, limited proteins a day), along with oral TotoCell Nutrients (loaded with anti oxidants, mitochondrial boosting agents) as well as facial cream.  In just about a month, her facial skin rash has improved significantly.  This case illustrates that skin rashes or other skin problems, oftentimes are a reflection of our internal problems, esp. GI problems.  Leaky Gut or other GI dysfunction allows foreign antigens to enter our blood circulation and wreak a havoc on our body, with skin rash as a clear reflection.  The elevated oxidative stress (a fancy word for increased non infectious inflammation) is a common biochemical pathway.  Our TotoCell Nutrients are designed to reduce oxidative stress and improve mitochondrial function.  KetoDiet is designed to reduce pollution contaminated carbs which increase oxidative stress as well as helpful in healing your gut. No Rx drug or steroid hormone was used.

Case 2. A young baby with skin rash of unknown causes.  Food allergy testing inconclusive.  Advised the father to feed the baby with healthy fats, to reduce significantly the carbs and also to take our TotoCell Nutrients oral + cream and probiotics.  The rash cleared quickly. The photos below are about 2 months apart, before and after treatment.

Case 3. A young man (32 yo), the father of the baby above.  Similar medical history, although his skin rash was all over the body, much more severe than that of the baby.  Sought medical help from several other doctors without much improvement.  We placed him on KetoDiet + large dose oral Vit C + Liver Detox + TotoCell Nutrients oral and skin cream, as well as probiotics.  The photos show the difference in a time span of 3 months (before and after).

Case 4. A young man, 34 yo, 300 lbs and skin rash (was diagnosed psoriasis elsewhere). He sought medical care of several other local doctors (Columbia, SC) without much improvement.  The patient was clearly depressed thanks to his weight and skin problems among others.  We put him on KetoDiet along with hCG, appetite suppressant, TotoCell Nutrients oral +Cream.  He stayed on KetoDiet, appetite suppressant and hCG for 11 months and was also on TotoCell Nutrients (oral and cream) for 3 months.  He has lost 103 lbs in 11 months and skin skin rashes are all gone now!

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