hCG Diet vs. Other Diets


hCG-Fasting Diet

  • Lose the abnormal belly fat;
  • 15-30 lbs per month;
  • Less likely to regain;
  • No or low side effects;
  • Easy to do;
  • Uplift of mood;
  • Complete or significant relief of physical pain (including headaches, joint paints, stomach or menstrual pains);
  • Complete or significant relief of menopausal hormone imbalance;
  • Increased energy level and increased libido;
  • More relaxed and reduced stress;
  • Younger looking face (due to reduced wrinkles) and facial glow resembling “early pregnancy glow);
  • Improved wound healing (many patients on hCG report rapid healing after surgery or broken bone);
  • Many patients tell us “I have been on diet all my life and have never seen one this easy” ;
  • Anti-aging effect (“hCG is a fountain of youth” as described by some patients).

Non-hCG Diet

  • Lose the normal (subcutaneous) fat
  • 4-10 lbs a month
  • Easy to regain weight (Yo Yo diet)
  • Side effects include headache, hunger, weakness (low blood sugar symptoms)
  • Slowed metabolism (when daily calorie intake is <800 calories
  • Weight loss causing dry skin and looking old (due to subcutaneous facial fat loss)
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