Why can hCG help you lose weight (1).

In today’s weight loss world, probably there is nothing more controversial than hCG. Many so called medical experts don’t believe in hCG in weight loss. Yet more and more medical clinics in the US are adapting hCG in their weight loss protocols and more and more patients use this product. In our clinics, we have been using hCG in helping our patients to lose weight for many years. We are the first in Columbia, SC and one of the earlier ones nationwide to adapt the hCG into our weight loss protocols. We have achieved excellent results. Most of our patients lose more than 20 lbs in the first month and about 50 lbs weight loss in 3 months. We have patients who have been on this diet for over a year and lost more than 150 lbs and achieved excellent health (improvement in hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, joint pains etc).

If hCG is so wonderful, then why is the controversy?

I believe this has to do with the complexity of the causes of obesity.

How does hCG work in our body is not entirely clear. But hCG appears to have a wide variety of effects on our body. hCG does not directly cause us to lose weight, instead, it helps in the weight loss in a very significant way. (to be continued).

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