How to Maintain Your Weight

Weight Maintenance doesn’t have to be hard.  The principle of weight maintenance is the same as money management.  I bet most of you are not in financial bankruptcy now.  Ask yourself how you stayed out of financial bankruptcy?  The answer is simple: you check your financial statement and then you spend your money accordingly.  So how do we stay out of “weight bankruptcy” (=weight gain)?  You need to look at your “weight balance statement” (going on a scale to see how much you weigh) regularly.  If you do so 2-3 times  a week, most likely, you won’t gain weight.

Let me show you how I maintain my weight.  First of all, I set an ideal weight for me (165 lbs).  I’ll allow my weight to fluctuate between 160 to 165 lbs.  On the weekends, I enjoy myself (eating and drinking like everybody else).  I tend to gain 2-3 lbs over a weekend.  Monday through Friday, I watch my diet very carefully.  I eat protein bars (for breakfast and lunch), drink water (green tea) and I do not go out for lunch.  I usually eat 2-3 HealthWise protein bars a day (the kind we have in the office.  I like them.), with the last one in late afternoon.  I eat a healthy light dinner between 6-7 pm.  I tend to lose 2-3 lbs between Monday and Friday.  Then weekend comes, I enjoy foods again.  By doing so, I don’t gain weight and I don’t feel deprived.  Often times my friends would ask me why I seem to eat a lot and yet I don’t gain much weight.  I tell them how I used the way described above to maintain my weight.  If you follow my advice, you won’t have trouble maintaining weight either.

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