I am on diet, but why am I not losing weight?

If you are not losing 4-5 lbs a week while on our Holistic hCG Diet, follow this 4-step trouble-shooting process.

  1. Do you feel hungry in the evening hours?  If yes, click here.  When you are hungry, esp. in the evening hours, you tend to eat more and your metabolism tends to be slower.
  2. Do you feel tired and sluggish during the day?  If so, your metabolism may be too slow, or you need medication adjustment or you may not have followed the diet correctly (e.g., not drinking enough water or not take our mineral vitamin tablet).
    1. Hormone imbalance can be a major factor why we are not losing enough weight.  The balance of hormones from the thyroid, adrenal glands, ovaries or testes and the pineal gland plays an important role in  our health and our body weight.  We can test these hormones to trouble shoot what may be your problem.  We often start by doing a screening test that covers the above systems.  If necessary, we then expand to test more comprehensively.  Call 803.233.3420 or email Dr. Cheng at DrCheng@DrWLC.com to request the screening test.
  3. Do you have any side effects or difficulties while on our Holistic hCG Diet?  Insomnia, constipation, upset stomach, etc are some of the possible side effects.  If you have any of these, we may need to adjust your medications.
  4. You may not have followed our dietary instructions correctly.  If you do not follow our dietary instructions, you may get either too many bad calories (carb and fat), not enough protein, not enough water, not enough dietary fiber, etc, resulting in side effects or difficulties.

If your answers to questions 1, 2 and 3 are NO, then most likely the problem is your diet.  Please following the following procedure:

  • Weigh in online to record your current weight (try to weigh at the same time of day, with similar amount of clothing and on the same scale).
  • But 3 boxes of protein supplements (bars, soups etc), from our offices (or online).  Eat one protein bar for breakfast, lunch and supper.  Drink plenty of water, eat 2 or more servings of green veggies.  (Read our dietary instructions again for more details).
  • Do not eat any of your own foods (no chicken, fish or pork, rice, bread, or any snacks).
  • Weigh in again online every other day.
  • At the end of the week, log in online to see your own weight chart, to see how much weight you have lost.
    • If you have lost more than 4-5 lbs, then your problem is your diet, i.e., you didn’t follow our dietary instructions.  Solutions: Read the instructions and follow them.
    • If you lost less than 2-3 lbs, then your metabolism is too slow.  Schedule an appointment to come in to see me.

If you still can’t figure out what may be your problems, please call 803.233.3420 to schedule an appointment to talk to me.

Dr. Cheng

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