Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 injection may give you extra energy.  B12 plays an important role in your metabolism.  Lack of B12 will, therefore, cause a metabolic slowdown.  Most people who are not picky on their food should have plenty of B12 in diet.  Those who are low in B12 are probably because they can’t absorb B12 from the food.  As a result, B12 capsules or tablets don’t really help.  You need B12 injected to bypass the absorption problem.

  • Can you test for B12 deficiency?  Yes.  But unnecessary.  If you suspect B12 deficiency, give yourself a B12 shot.  If you feel an energy boost, then very likely you need extra B12.  B12 is very inexpensive and usually has no side effects.
  • How to use B12? The recommended dose is once a week self administered injection.
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