Susan B lost over 90 lbs and is maintaining her weight well.

Susan B is 5.0 ft tall and weighed over 180 lbs when she started in Dec. ’09.  In Sept. ’10, her weight dropped down to 100 lbs.  She has been able to maintain at that since then.  This is what Susan wrote: “Dr. Cheng has quite literally given me my life back!  I have always known what I was supposed to eat or not eat to loose weight, my problem has always been my appetite.  Dr. Cheng’s diet allowed me control over my cravings, portion sizes and overall caloric intake, thus I was successfully able to loose weight and gain my life back!  Additionally, I feel that being able to chart my weight loss, so that I could actually see it, really helped by making me accountable.

Today, I am proud to say that so far I have been able to maintain my weight by eating 4 small healthy meals a day, regular exercise (bike riding or walking at least 4 times a week)  and Dr. Cheng’s continued support!  To be honest  I really don’t deprive myself of anything anymore, I just make sure to do it in smaller portions and less frequently!  Dr. Cheng helped me make a healthy life style change that I intend to maintain forever!”

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