We are looking for a few experts in facial, skin care for women to join Doctor’s Weight Loss Center, LLC

Please feel free to forward to those who might be interested.

Dear fellow colleague,

Doctor’s Weight Loss Center has enjoyed near a decade of continuing success in its core business – medical weight loss- with an ever expanding population of patients.  Our patients come from all over the country.  We have treated almost 8000 patients.
Recently we have acquired a spacious office building which now houses our medical weight and a massage parlor.  We are interested in recruiting businesses that cater to women in the field of wellness, beauty or fashion.  The business relationship can be flexible (i.e., we can hire you as employees, or you can join us as business partners or you can simply rent our office spaces).  The idea is simple: we have a lot of patients (mostly women) passing through our offices and they ask for these services.
If you are interested or if you know someone who might be interested in this opportunity, please email me directly at DrCheng@DrWLC.com.  Thank you.
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