Testosterone Deficiency

~30% of men aged aged 40-79 have testosterone (T) deficiency.  T deficiency not only causes low sex drive, erectile dysfunction and poor sexual performance, but is also associated with other health problems such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes etc.  T repletion therapy may be helpful in improving not only the sexual health, but more importantly the overall health.

Manifestation of T deficiency:

  • Physical: Decreased bone marrow density, decreased muscle mass and strength, increase body fat or BMI, gynecomastia, anemia, frailty, fatigue;
  • Psychological: decreased mood, diminished energy/sense of vitality or well-being, impaired cognition and memory;
  • Sexual: diminished libido, erectile dysfunction, difficulty achieving orgasm, decreased morning erections, decreased performance.

Source: The American Journal of Medicine (2011) 124, 578-587

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