Holistic hCG Diet

The Holistic hCG Plan

This is our complete plan that is designed to treat most (if not all) known cause of obesity, resulting in a maximal weight loss, with no or minimal side effect or difficulty.  This plan consists of the following parts.  This plan is OK for anybody, esp. those who are overweight by 2o lbs or more.

  • Appetite suppression and craving reduction,
  • Metabolism enhancement,
  • Reduction of side effects and difficulties caused by the dietary process,
  • Ultra low calorie diet (the lowest calorie intake possible),
  • Online and BattleBuddy support.

The basic idea of this approach is that we, at DrWLC, will make the dietary process as easy as possible so that a dieter can stay and finish the diet.  In other words, we’ll control your appetite, so that you don’t feel hungry; we’ll also boost your metabolism so that you will more energetic during the day; and finally we’ll make sure you don’t have any major side effects and difficulties while on the diet.  A dieter’s responsibility now is to simply follow our instructions by staying on a ultra low calorie diet.

If you cannot stay on the diet,there are only 2 possibilities:

  • First, medical reason, i.e., you are hungry (resulting in eating more), or you are not energetic enough (a sign of possible slow metabolism or side effect of medications or inappropriate diet), or you have side effects that interfere with your diet;
  • Second, your problem: although we, at DrWLC, have done all we can, you either didn’t pay attention to the instructions or you simply were still eating more than you were told to or eating the things you are not supposed to eat.  If you are not hungry or craving, why do you still eat?  Diet is a partnership between you, the patent, and us, the healthcare providers.  We do our job and you need to do yours.  If you can’t do yours, you are not ready for our plans.

Results that you can expect from our Holistic hCG Plan

  • ~20 lbs weight loss in the first month and ~5o lbs weight loss in the first 3 months,
  • Loss of  primarily abnormal fat (esp. in the belly area),
  • Minimal or no side effects or difficulties,
  • Improvement of other health problems such as hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, arthritis, etc,
  • Less likely to regain weight.
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