The Natural Holistic hCG Diet

Rx appetite suppressants (including Phentermine) are controlled substances that require regular office visits.  They also cause certain side effects such as palpitation.  If you can’t come to office regularly or if you don’t like the side effects of these appetite suppressants, then this Natural Holistic hCG Diet may help you.

Our modified Natural Holistic hCG Diet uses more natural products for appetite suppression, metabolism boost and fat burning.  The new diet focuses more on lifestyle change.  Our patients report excellent result: more energy, almost no side effects, similar weight loss result (~ 2o lbs per month weight loss).  One very distinctive feature of the new diet is the significantly reduced side effects which often were due to the use of stimulant type appetite suppressants.  There may be some challenges to the patients early on, but as time goes by, it gets easier.  Once a better and healthier lifestyle is established, it’s more likely to stay with you, making it easier for you to maintain a good healthy body weight.  The products we added to the Holistic hCG Diet are Ephedra, Super MIC, KLB-5, Green Coffee Extract, and B-12.  We also recommend Raspberry Ketone and Garcinia, if you want extra result.


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