Weight Maintenance Suggestions

Wt Chart Interpretation

The above is my weight chart.  My goal is to keep my weight within the range of 160-165 lbs.  This is how I maintain my weight without feeling deprived.

  • Monday through Friday: I watch carefully what I eat and exercise 3 times a week for 2 hours each (I play badminton in a club).  I usually eat protein bars (the kind we have in the office, HealthWise), veggies, high protein foods (deep sea fish, like sushi/sashimi; seeds, nuts and fruits). I take a variety of vitamins and nutritional supplements and a glass or red wine before bed time.  I tend to lose 2-3 lbs by Friday.
  • On weekend, this is time to enjoy life and foods.  Like everybody else, I love foods. Because I lost a few pounds during the week, I deserve to eat now.  I also have a sweet tooth.  I love ice-creams, steaks, Japanese sake, wine and beer.  During the weekend, I enjoy these things.  I may gain a few pounds.  When a new week begins, I’ll lose those few pounds again.  I have been able to maintain my weight within 160-165 lbs for 7-8 years without feeling deprived.

 Weight Maintenance Suggestions

  1. Weigh yourself 2-3 times a week.  Enter your weight into your account at DrWLC.com.  Watch your weight chart to make sure your weight is below the Red Line (your ideal weight).
  2. If your weight is above your ideal weight (Red Line), you need to lose it before your weight goes out of control.  If you need help to lose the weight, order a refill online at DrWLC.com.
  3. If your weight is between the Yellow Line (5 lbs below your ideal weight) and the Red Line, congratulations!  Relax and enjoy your life.  But keep an eye on your weight by weighing 2-3 times a week.

Helpful Tips

  1. Use our high protein products to replace at least one meal a day (e.g. breakfast).
  2. You may choose any one of the following Medication Maintenance plans:
    • hCG injections daily + daily QuickTrim or KLB-5 or Cell-press Red.
    • hCG injections daily.
    • Super Green Coffee Extract + Garcinia + B12. You may also want to continue on Fluoxetine, Herbal Diuretic and Thyroid tablets, while you are on one of the above plans.
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