Diaxinol to treat insulin resistance


Maintaining healthy blood sugar (glucose) levels can often pose a challenge. The foods consumed today most often highly processed and refined, have excessive sugar and carbohydrate levels, and offer very little in the way of nutrients and fiber. Additionally, genetic predisposition, high stress levels and an inadequate exercise regimen can make it even more difficult to maintain adequate blood sugar levels. Healthy blood sugar regulation requires that a number of metabolic factors work at optimal capacity. This delicate balance of blood sugar levels is crucial for regulating the body’s production of storage energy and fuel.

Diaxinol is a natural and synergistic formula for maintaining balanced blood sugar. Diaxinol’s unique and effective formulation includes five ingredients provided at targeted doses for maximum efficacy. Lipoic acid is a potent antioxidant that supports insulin regulation, glucose utilization and microcirculation throughout the body. Cinnulin®, a patented 20:1 aqueous cinnamon extract supports both balanced glucose metabolism and healthy blood lipid levels. Chromium is added to support glucose tolerance factor production, a critical component in cellular uptake of glucose, and Gymnema sylvestre (gymnema leaf extract) helps modulate glucose absorption in the intestines. Biotin and vanadyl sulfate are also included to support optimal insulin sensitization.

Suggested Use:

2 capsules per day or as recommended by your health care professional

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