Welcome Dr. Wile to join us!

Dr. Wile, a very experienced medical doctor who devoted decades of his professional life to the US military community, joined us at Cheng Integrative Health Center/Doctor’s Weight Loss Center.  Welcome, Dr. Wile, it’s our great pleasure to have a well trained, well experienced and yet very kind and gentle doctor like you to join us.  Dr. Wile will be practicing integrative medicine to our patients using a holistic approach to disease treatment and prevention.  Dr. Wile is particularly interested in hormonal balance in our patient population.

Charles H. Wile, MD graduated with distinction from George Washington University MedicalSchool in 1975. He completed a residency in Family Practice at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (AFB) in 1978. He retired from the Air Force in January 1995 with the rank of Colonel. During his 24 year military career he served at Eglin AFB in the Family Practice Residency Training program and was a test item writer for the American Board of Family Medicine. He also served at Iraklion Air Station, Crete; at Ramstein AFB, Germany; and, at Charleston AFB, S.C. After retiring from the Air Force, he practiced full-time emergency medicine in North Carolina and South Carolina for 16 years and became Board Certified in Emergency Medicine. He has been an Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor and an Advanced Trauma Life Support instructor. In January 2011 he joined Civil Service and worked for 6 years at a community based Family Practice clinic in association with Ft. Jackson. In addition to a general Family Practice, he offered his
patients Restorative Medicine. He was trained by Neal Rousier, MD and Sangeeta Pati, MD in the protocols for Hormone Replacement Therapy. Dr. Wile only uses Bio-identical Hormones in his practice, along with encouraging a healthy lifestyle. He focuses upon restoring healthful nutrients and managing toxin exposures. He advises regular
aerobic exercising, dynamic strength building, stretching and balance activities. He promotes various relaxation techniques to harmonically balance mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. He has been married for 34 years and has 3 children. He has 2 grandchildren, a dog, 3 cats and cares for 5 feral cats. He is a volunteer at the Palmetto Lifeline Pet Rescue Agency. Dr. Wile will be working part-time and offering his Restorative Medicine experience and skills to patients at the Cheng Integrative Health Center.

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