Fibromyalgia syndrome is a collection of symptoms without a known cause. Commonly people may experience pain trigger points and generalized pain, fatigue, sleep disruption, anxiety and depression, “brain fog” with difficulty concentrating, chronic headaches, touch sensitivity, environmental sensitivity, muscle spasms, muscle and joint stiffness, and bowel problems. Based on large amount of research, Dr. Dan Purser, MD proposes that the underlying cause for FS is copper toxicity. Because of a genetic defect, there is an excessive amount of the metabolite of hemaglobin, known as Pyrrole, which is bound to the body’s key antioxidant, glutathione, for urinary excretion, decreasing the quantity of glutathione. Also, excretion of pyrrole pulls zinc, vitamin B6 and other nutrients from the body. This creates an imbalance of the copper and zinc ratio in the body resulting in an excess of  “free copper”, unbound to ceruloplasmin. This “free copper” deposits in muscles causing pain and systemic toxicity. Molybdenum is a co-factor for enzymes that help to detoxify copper and other heavy metals. With FS, there is also a molybdenum deficiency. The detoxifying enzymes are consequently dysfunctional. Thus, the primary treatment for FS involves first supplementing with zinc and vitamin B6, then, slowly adding molybdenum. Additionally, supplementing with topical glutathione and other nutrients helps people to experience significant symptom relief. An additional hypothesis regards FS as a mitochondrial defect. Thus, supplementing with phospholipids, the adrenal hormone DHEA, various nutrients, and oxytocin has also been helpful.

Contributed by Dr. Chuck Wile, MD

-This again shows the importance of balance (or the lack thereof) of various nutrients, vitamins, as well as the importance of mitochondria in our health. Those diagnosed with FS should schedule an appointment to see us for a proper workup and treatment.  – Dr. Richard Cheng

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