Basic science thinking vs clnical thinking

Basic science thinking vs clnical thinking.


These are 2 totally different styles of thinking.  As a basic scientist, s/he needs to dissect complex problems into single and small questions and then seek solutions to these small but basic questions.  S/he doesn‘t have to concern him/hserself with the overall consequence of the whole system.


Whereas for a clnician, his/her mission is to relief the pain/suffering of the patient, not just the focal symptomatic problems.  So his/her focus should be the whole sysmte (the patient).  If not, the consquence may be like the old saying in surgery, ”the surgery was a great success, but the patient died“.



This is one of the major drawbacks of “modern science”: we use too much statistics.  Also basic research and clinical medicine are 2 totally different sciences. But today, clinicians are trained to think like basic scientists.  This is the fundamental flaw in clnical medical education.  In China, I heard that even a community hospital doctor needs to write basic science research paper in order to get promotion. What a stupid and nearsighted policy!

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