Anti-Aging/Functional Medical Testing, A Major Weapon for the Prevention of Cancer, Coronary Heart Disease, etc

Many people get annual physical exams.  But often times the physical exam seems to be fine, but not long after they are diagnosed of cancer or some other severe diseases.  


This is because the current physical exam is designed only to detect the presence of clinical diseases, that is, whether you are sick or not, it‘s not designed to look for “how far are you from being sick”, or the subclinical problems.  This is where Anti-Aging/Functional Medicine comes in.

All diseases develop over a period of time, often years if not longer, from asymptomatic (subclinical) to symptomatic (clinical), from reversible to irreversible. Take diabetes for example. When you are diagnosed of diabetes, your pancreatic B-islet cells (responsbile for producing insulin) are 80% irreversibly dead. The same is true for cancer. 

As we all know, bad diseases like cancer and diabetes do not develop overnight.  On average, it takes about 10 years for diabetes to develop, that is to say, you have about 10 years to detect diabetes before it becomes diabetes.  

Before you develop clinical symptoms of these diseases, in fact, a lot of biochemical and physiological changes happen in your body. These changes are detectable now.  In addition to the conventional physical exam items, anti-aging/functional medical tests usually include vitamin/nutrient levels, including antioxidants, toxins (oxidants), oxidative stress markers, metabolic markers, markers of mitochondrial metabolism abnormalities, and Gut health markers (Leaky Gut and dysbiosis, etc.), hormone balance (or lack thereof).  The results of these tests will give us a good understanding of how a person’s body works and what problems exist. These tests will guide us on how to intervene and improve our health, prevent the onset of diseases and treat any existing disease. They are called Anti-aging/functional medical testing. If you are interested in such testings, contact our office at 803.233.3420, or email us at


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