Another Rapidly Recovering Covid-19 Case

Another Covid-19 Case: Dec. 5th, 2020. a 47 years old Chinese lady from Texas with Covid-19 sought my consultation. She complains of low grade fever, around 100, or lower, chilly, nausea, sweat, no sore throat no cough, for 2 weeks. Was tested and telephone reported to be Coivd-19 positive. The first week she could still function normally, but this week she is getting worse, in bed nearly all the time. She’s been taking Tylenol, 2 tablets, 3 times/day. The first week she didn’t take VC regularly due to nausea. This week, starts taking VC Vit C 2,000 -3,000 mg a day, feeling a bit better this week, with less nausea. PMH: none. Meds: none other than Tylenol and VC now. Her husband also had Covid-19 (telephone report positive), 3 days before she got sick and recovered in 1 week.
She was recommended to follow my Coivd-19 regimen(Vit C, D, Zinc, Quercetin, Melatonin and Hydrogen Peroxide) and follow up with me daily. The next day (Dec. 6th), she reports “already feeling much better, but still feeling a bit tired and can‘t smell and taste much“. I told her is doing wonderful and recovering fast and is recommended to continue her current course.

另一个新冠肺炎病例:2020年12月5号,一位47岁的来自德克萨斯州的,患Coivd-19中国女士Y,来找我咨询。她主诉有从2周前(11/22)开始低烧,约100F,发冷,恶心,出汗,无咽痛,不咳嗽。在当地诊所检测,Covid-19阳性(电话报告)。第一周她还能正常工作,但这周越来越糟,几乎一直卧床不起。她一直在服用泰诺,2片,3次/天。第一周,她因为恶心没有定期服用VC。本周开始服用VC维C 2000-一天3000mg,这周感觉好一点,恶心也少了。过去史:Y女士平时注重健康,无基础疾病,体重正常。药物:最近开始泰诺和VC。她的丈夫比她早3天出现症状(也确诊为Covid-19,电话报告阳性),但1周后恢复。

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