You Can Protect Yourself from Covid-19 with a Better Health and Better Immune System

The best defense against diseases is our good health and our immune system. Our human body has a built in defense system. We the human race survived and thrived over the past hundreds of thousands of years if not millions of years before any antibiotic or vaccine was invented. The rapidly changing environment, particularly the pollution in our food, water, air and our personal health products and our unhealthy lifestyle have weakened our health and our immunity. 

I was recently interviewed on CCTV-English (CGTN) and with Dr. Ron Ehrlich, president of the AustralAsia College of Nutrition and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM) on China Covid-19 vaccine project and how to protect yourself from getting Covid-19 (Protected Population Immunity). 

In my interview with China Global TV Network ( Anchor Roee Rottenburg in Jun. 20th, 2021, I made it clear that vaccines are not the sole and complete solution to the pandemic problem. We need to take a multi-pronged approach to enhance our innate disease fighting mechanism and to promote consumer’s health and immune system via healthy lifestyle, diet and nutrition (what we call Protected Population Immunity at the International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine, ISOM).  I held this view over a year ago in my first CGTN interview and today, at  my 9th interview on CGTN, I am still holding this view. 

One billion doses of vaccines have been inoculated in China.  China’s massive and expensive vaccine project is truly amazing, especially in the eyes of westerners. With China’s unique social system, when China’s leader decides on a goal, he usually can muster all the resources and power that one needs to get the job done. I have to also add that the Chinese citizens, at least the ones I know of, seem to be quite compliant. While the volition and dedication of this gigantic project are applaudable, some burning questions beg some answers. 

There are media reports that some of Chinese vaccines have an efficacy of around 70%. A key question is when China reaches its goal of 70% or more vaccination rates of its population, will its leader be comfortable to reopen its borders and to relax its lockdown policy? I doubt it. News reports say that Chinese top experts are raising its “herd immunity” goal of vaccination from 70% by year end to 85%, a sign of inconfidence of its own vaccine project. Where did they get the magic 85% number? What if 85% is not “comforting” enough, will they raise it to 100%? What else to do once 100% is reached and the pandemic is not tamed? 

Putting all hopes on vaccines is like putting all eggs in one basket, let alone the problems of vaccines themselves. A vaccine only policy is an incomplete and shortsighted plan. It ignores and betrays the historical teachings of both traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and that of western medicine. Both of these schools of medicine preach lifestyle, diet and nutrition.

Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.

Top advisors (and leaders) are paid to think and plan in advance, to consider all possibilities and countermeasures, not to come up with this type of “knee-jerk reactions”.

In my interview with Dr. Erhlich, I went even further. What happened and is happening in America since the pandemic broke is disappointing. Our top medical and public health authorities have been failing us Americans. Dr. Fauci, America’s top medical advisor on Covid-19 management, was caught more than once lying to the public and lying to the US lawmakers. He even went on to say publicly “attacks on me, quite frankly, are attacks on science” . He thinks he represents Science! More and more are being revealed that he’s been corroborating with foreign forces (even anti-American forces). Public health is America’s national security issue. How can we trust our national security with such an arrogant narcissistic Liar!? Dr. Fauci should resign immediately.

In this fight against the pandemic, we not only need to apply (safe and effective) vaccines (unfortunately, none of the available vaccines meet the stringent standards of safety and effectiveness), drugs, we need to focus more on strengthening our immune system and improving our health. In addition to a healthy lifestyle, many vitamins and nutrients are designed by God or mother nature to enhance our health and disease fighting abilities. These include vitamins, nutrients and minerals (e.g., vitamins C, D), zinc and antioxidants. These natural agents have been protecting mankind (as well as the animal kingdom) ever since there is life on this planet earth. 

All and any of those who claim vitamins and nutrients are dangerous are simply ignorant. mortality due to Medical errors is the 3rd largest cause of death in the US, killing more than quarter a million people annually. Whereas CDC has never reported any case of death due to vitamin or nutrient overdose (7).  Should we worry more about the danger of vitamins and nutrients, or from the deaths from medical errors and drugs?

Trust your health to no one, but yourself.

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