TotoCell Nutrition

TotoCell Nutrition

About nutritional supplements, the following issues are what I have learned from orthomolecular medicine and anti-aging/functional medicine.

1. RDA vs. ODA. RDA: RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) is set by FDA and tends to be on the low end for most people. ODA (Optimal Daily Allowance) is based on nutritional studies and is what should be recommended. Most nutritional supplements on the market follow RDA, not ODA.

2. Variety: A good nutrition program should be broad based to include most of the essential nutrients. Research shows that deficiency in vitamins (A, Bs, C, D, K2 etc) and minerals (such as magnesium, selenium) have reached a pandemic level.

3. Antioxidants: Increased oxidative stress (due to excess of toxins and insufficient anti-oxidants intake) is the common biochemical mechanism of most chronic diseases and aging. Supplementation of a wide variety of anti-oxidants, therefore, is essential for optimal health.

4. Mitochondrial nutrition: Mitochondrial dysfunction is another significantly under recognized issue. Most, if not all, chronic diseases and aging have mitochondrial dysfunction. Maintain and/or repairing mitochondrial function is of paramount importance in health maintenance and disease management. Mitochondrial nutrition is part of this program. We included most major mitochondrial nutrients in our TotoCell Nutrition.

5. Most adults have excess calcium and iron. Calcium and iron supplementation without testing is harmful to our health. Yet, I have not seen a multi-vitamin product that doesn’t‘ contain calcium (or iron).

Many years ago, when I started anti-aging/functional medicine,  I was buying various supplements on the market for myself. Eventually, I found myself taking 20-30 capsules/tablets daily.  Yes, they do make me feel better and more energetic. I also gave them to my parents and they told me they felt better too.  The only problem is that there are too many capsules and tablets.  That the same problem I had.  As a result, I had no choice but to formulate our own TotoCell Nutrition which contains all the vitamins,  antioxidants, and nutrients for mitochondria and for bone and heart health and that doesn’t contain any unnecessary preservatives or additives, conveniently packaged for home or travel use). Many of our patients have been taking it with great results. Our products are not for retail sale. It‘s only for our patients and clients under our supervision.

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