My Anti-Aging Daily Routine

Dr. Cheng’s anti-aging program, daily practical operations and specific nutritional supplements

This article is for informational purposes only. Please use under the guidance of a qualified and experienced doctor. This was originally written in Chinese and I google-translated it into English. I read through to make sure it is accurate, although the English expression may not be the best.

  • diet
  • sleep
  • rest, relaxation
  • exercise
  • nutritional supplements

After getting up around 6-7 am, I drink a cup of black coffee.

I sit under a red- near infrared light (660nm + 850nm light) source. I usually shine my head or shoulders and upper arms under near-infrared light. I then scan the medical literature for any interesting updates.

Red light illuminates my eyes. I also listened to some news on American politics and culture, and received red light eye therapy (closed my eyes and looked at the light source for 3 minutes every morning).

About an hour after drinking coffee, I drink a morning anti-aging cocktail:

  • 5-10 grams of vitamin C powder +  one bag of vitamin K2 + 25 mg (5 dropfuls of 1%) of methylene blue.

I usually don’t eat breakfast. I usuallly drink some black coffee.

Lunch: My first meal of the day is lunch, usually between 12noon and 2pm.  I usually have a big lunch with fatty meat, fish or eggs, cooked in butter, lard, coconut oil and olive oil. I also eat a little bit of leafy greens or cruciferous vegetables. I don’t have sugar at home and I don’t use sugar. I use glycine as a sweetener if desired.

My daily nutritional supplements (prepared in our clinic):

  • Vitamin B1, 2 capsules daily (800 mg)
  • Vitamin B2, 2 capsules daily (520 mg)
  • Vitamin B3 (instant-release niacin), 4 – 6 capsules daily (2,000 – 3,000 mg)
  • Vitamin C, 2 – 3 bags daily (10,000-15,000 mg)
  • Vitamin D3, 30,000 IU daily
  • Vitamin K2, 1 capsule daily (1000 mcg)
  • Omega-3 Oil, 4,000 mg daily
  • Dr. Cheng’s TotoCell Nutrition (one bag daily)
  • Dr. Cheng Liver Detox, 1 bag daily
  • Magnesium Glycinate, 2 capsules daily (1200 mg)
  • Metformin, 2 tablets (1000 mg) daily
  • GlyNAC, one bag


After lunch, I usually take a short break before returning to work

Dinner: I usually have a light, fat-burning (low-carb/keto) dinner around 6-7pm.

Exercise: I usually play badminton 2-3 times a week, 2-3 hours each time.

Before bed, I take another dose of methylene blue (25 mg) along with vitamin C (5 mg), GlyNAC, and butyric acid.

I usually go to bed around 11-12pm.

I would lie in bed and shine red and near-infrared light on my body until I fell asleep. I usually sleep well, staying up all night and not waking up until 6-7am.

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