How to choose foods for weight loss and for weight maintenance.

For weight loss, follow these instructions.

  1. The 1:10 Rule:  Anything you put in your mouth should meet this 1:10 Rule.  The 1:10 Rule is: for every gram of protein, the total calorie amount should be 10 or less. Most of food packages come with nutrition label.  For example, in a grocery store you are looking at a yogurt (I know Publix sells Chobani yogurt).  The label reads the total protein is 14 grams and the total calorie is 140 calories per serving.  Serving size one container.  The protein: calorie is 14 : 140 = 1:10.  So this is a good food to eat.
  2. The 500 Rule:  the total daily calorie allowed is 500.
  3. The 5 lb/wk Rule: You should expect to lose ~5 pounds per week.  If you didn’t lose 5 lbs or more, you didn’t follow Rules 1 and 2.  You need to ask yourself why you couldn’t follow
  4. But it may also be that you are hungry or you are craving or you have side effects.  If you didn’t follow the Rules 1 and 2, then stick to these rules

For weight maintenance, follow these intructions.

  • The 1:15 Rule: Read the nutrition label on the package of a food you want to buy.  For every 15 calories, you should see at least 1 gram of protein.  For example: if a food has 5 grams of protein and 150 calories per serving, then the ratio is 5:150 or 0.5:15.  It has less than 1 gram of protein per 15 calories.  It is not an ideal food for weight maintenance.
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