Dietary instructions for hCG Plan: 3rd Week.

The 3rd week is the transition week to your regular food.  Breakfast and lunch remain the same.  Dinner will be different.

At the 1st day of your third week, weigh yourself and enter the weight into your account online.  Weigh in online again in the middle and the end of the 3rd week.

  • Breakfast (~6-8 AM) : make sure you start your day with a breakfast.  Your breakfast should consist of a protein bar (ours only), a glass of water, or a cup of coffee or green tea.  Do not eat anything else.  Definitely do not eat (or drink) any bread, donuts, eggs, milk or dairy products, bacon, not even fruit.  Just one protein bar and lots of water.  You eat a protein bar not as food, but as medicine to prevent muscle loss.
  • Lunch: eat another protein bar, a green salad consisting of only green leafy vegetables (cabbage, lettuce, celery or spinach etc).  You may use vinegar, lemon juice or vinaigrette as salad dressing.  Do not put any croutons, bacon, cheese, eggs meats on salad.  Do not eat any rice, bread or pasta.  Drink lots of water, or green tea.  No more coffee. Other than water, you should be having anything else.  You shouldn’t be hungry.   If you really want to have some snack, you may snack on carrots, cucumber, or celery sticks (you may dip into soy sauce, but not rich creamy sauce such as Thousand Island or Ranch).
  • Dinner: do not eat protein bar.  Eat 4-5 oz (raw weight) of high protein food.  High protein food includes fish (including shell fish and shrimp), chicken or turkey breasts or drumsticks with skin and fat removed, pork chop with skin and fat removed.  Do not eat beef, bacon, sausage, etc.  You may steam, grill, bake, barbecue them.  Do not use oil (no olive oil either), butter or margarine, honey, sugar etc in cooking.  You don’t want to introduce any unnecessary (bad) calories to your diet.  What you need is protein, but carb or fat.  You should also eat a green salad (the same as before).
  • Expected result: you should see lose similar amount of weight during the 3rd week compared to the 2nd week, or >4 lbs/week.
    • If you lost similar amount of weight in the 2nd and 3rd week or great than 4 bls/week, then you may continue to read Dietary Instructions for Weeks Beyond 3rd Week.
    • If your weight loss is significantly less than the 2nd week (or less than 4 lbs), you probably didn’t follow our dietary instructions or you may have other issues (for more info click here).
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