Another happy patient after ~60 lbs weight loss!

Here is another interesting story.

Hello Dr. Cheng!I just had to tell you about an incident I had yesterday when I went to my OBGYN in Columbia (Greater Columbia OBGYN).  Well, I had not been in since I started your program. My doctor there is the one that suggested that I look into the hGC shots considering all of my metabolic problems/PCOS etc.  Anyway, when I got there, my doctor walked right by me without saying hello.  This was weird because her and I have become good friends over the years; I chalked it up to her just being in a rush or maybe not seeing me.  Later, I was directed to her office where she joined me.  It was then that she realized who I was.  She could not believe my weight loss!  She hugged me and almost cried because she has known the struggle I have had.  She then took me to all of the nurses and called the other doctor over to see me.  Everyone went on and on!  I was asked and asked “how, where and what” about my weight loss!  So, I handeed out the 6 cards I had of yours and some of the others wrote the website and number down.  It was a great feeling and I suspect you are going to hear from a few of the nurses!  They could just not believe it!  People actually took turns coming to see and to write down your information.  The commotion finally died down about after half an hour later, and I then got to resume with my appointment.

I just had to share that with you!


Here is her weight chart:
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