hCG’s role in this diet (1)

hCG appears to have 2 major advantages over other diets:

  • More weight loss around the waist line
  • Reduced difficulties or side effects

Although the mechanism is unknown, these above effects may have to do with hCG’s biological nature.  hCG is naturally only found in pregnant women.  I believe one of the mechanisms that hCG protects pregnancy is to protect energy delivery to the fetus.  Energy is the most important factor in fetal development.  But pregnant women do not always have adequate food supply.  Throughout millions years of human history, human beings have been constantly struggling to feed themselves.  Even today, when we are able to put men on the moon and when we can control a fighter jet from thousands of miles away with a remote control to fight a war, many people still starve on a regular basis.  So what happens when a pregnant woman is starving?  Energy supply to a fetus is far more important that that to an adult.  Inadequate energy supply to a fetus may result in fetal developmental problems.  Yet, clinical experience, lab research and anecdotes seem to suggest that fetus somehow is protected from lack of nutrition, to certain degree.  In other words, more of the energy in the food that a malnourished pregnant woman eats goes to support the fetus than to support the mother.  Often times we hear pregnant women saying “my baby is sucking my energy”.  Dr. Simeons research and our own clinical observation suggest that patients on hCG diet tend not to have hypoglycemia and their blood glucose levels tend to be more stable.  In contrast, one of the major problems dieters encounter is the hypoglycemic symptoms (headaches, fatigue, mood swing etc, even metabolism slowdown).

hCG appears to be able to release energy from the mother’s stored energy to the blood circulation to protect the fetus from starvation.  The result is a more stable blood energy level even when the pregnant mother is starving.  This feature designed by mother nature (or God) is meant to protect the fetus, without causing unnecessary harm to the mother.  So the energy released from the mother starts from the least important body part first (belly fat), followed by normal subcutaneous fat, muscle, guts etc.  This explains why dieters on hCG loses belly fat mostly.

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