Weight Loss Phase vs. Weight Maintenance Phase

We divide all our patients into 2 phases: Weight Loss Phase or Weight Maintenance Phase.  If your current body weight exceeds the ideal weight that you set in your account, you are in Weight Loss Phase.  In other words, your weight is above the Red Line in your Weight Chart.  

Phase Loss Phase:  This patient’s weight is still above the Red Line (the ideal weight), so he is in the Weight Loss Phase.  He is required to Weigh In (online at home, work or in our clinic) at least 2 times a week and lose >4 lbs/wk.  Our database will alert the patient, the patients personal support and the staff if he did’t weigh in twice a week and didn’t lose 4 lbs (hCG plan only).  For Phen + Pro plan, we expect 1 lb/wk.

Weight Maintenance Phase:  This patient has achieved her weight loss goal (her weight is now under the Red Line (ideal weight).  The patient is required to Weigh In once a week or more.  If the patient doesn’t weigh in once a week, we’ll alert the patient, patient’s support and the staff.  The goal for Weight Loss Phase is NOT to allow your weight to go above the Red Line (ideal weight).  This is the Phase where you should can save money.  As long as your weight is under the Red Line, try to eat healthy, exercise to maintain weight.  Try to use Rx products as little as possible.

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