How to Order a Refill & Pay Your Refills.

How to Order Refills

  1. Log into your account at
  2. Click on Refill Prescriptions.
  3. Enter your weight and blood pressure, as requested.
  4. Answer a few questions.
  5. Select the medicines that you want to refill.
  6. Dr. Cheng will review your request.  Dr. Cheng may approve, modify or decline your request based on your conditions. When necessary, Dr. Cheng may add items to your requests.  You do not have to buy all of them.  However, if  you do not comply with our medical advise and do not show good results, we may not be able to continue to provide medical services to you.
  7. You will receive an email notification about Dr. Cheng’s decision (approved/declined/modified).

How to Pay Your Refills

  1. Log into your account to view the status of your request.  All approved requests are ready for your payment.
  2. Click on Purchase Refills Now.
  3. Our website will ask you to Confirm or Modify your Email address.  This is the ONLY time you can change your email.  DO NOT change your email after this step.
  4. If you ordered controlled substances (including all Rx appetite suppressants), a $60 admin fee will be added automatically.  But if you see more than one $60 Consultation Fee in your Cart, click Empty Cart.  Our system will reload your ordered medications automatically and only one Consultation Fee will be in your cart.
  5. You can change the quantity of your meds/products (except controlled substances) and click Recalculate button.
  6. You can remove an item from your Cart by changing the quantity to “0” and then click the “Recalculate” button.
  7. If you have a coupon , enter your coupon code and click “Recalculate”.
  8. If you have a gift card, enter the card # and click “Apply”.
  9. If you have any notes for us, please enter it in the “Ordering Instructions”.
  10. If you want to continue shopping, click “Continue”.
  11. Select method of shipping.  You may come to our office to pick up the refill or have the refill shipped to you via Ground (not insured) or Overnight.  For orders over $200, ground shipping is free.
  12. Select a payment method from the pulldown menu.  Click Checkout to complete your order.
  13. We’ll call your Rx to your pharmacy or ship your refills to your address on file.  If you’d like to come to the office to pick up the meds, you may come in before 5:30pm Monday through Friday or before 11:30 on Saturday mornings.
  14. Questions? Call (888)688.2451.

Thank you.


Dr. Cheng

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