Rx Drug Refill Policy

Appetite suppressants are a major help in our battle against obesity.  Without these appetite suppressants, the weight loss failure rate is very high.  However, all the appetite suppressants are controlled substances, the use of which is under strict DEA/FDA control.  Such strict measures are design to protect the consumers.  The essence of the government’s message is that you need to combine lifestyle changes with these drugs for weight loss.  At DrWLC, we strictly follow these DEA/FDA prescribing guidelines to help our patients to achieve their weight loss goals and to identify and prevent diversions of these drugs for purposes other than weight loss.

Our holistic weight loss plans have the following components.  Our patients are required to follow our instructions.

  1. Appetite suppressants are only part of our regimen (see Weight Loss Plans elsewhere on this website);
  2. Our holistic approach to weight loss includes management of other significant factors that contribute to obesity, including nutritional balance, metabolism enhancement, stress reduction, sleep and bowel movement management.
  3. Digital behavior/progress monitoring and weight loss support group (Weight Loss Sponsorship).  Our patients are required to weigh in online every 3 days or less and are expected to lose >/= 4 lbs/wk.  If one or more of the goals is not met, the patient will be notified.  If the patient doesn’t correct, the patient’s sponsor (support group) will be notified.  If still no response, our staff will intervene.  Through this system, we hope to increase our success rate by increasing the patient compliance.

In general, we do not prescribe appetite suppressants alone for weight loss.  Appetite suppressants alone are not very effective for weight loss; are more likely to cause drug tolerance and there is a potential for drug diversion.  If an overweight/obese patient doesn’t show weight loss progress, while on weight loss plan including an appetite suppressant, we may first issue a warning.  If a patient requests a refill of appetite suppressant only, and patient is still obese or overweight, I usually will add a few other items to help your weight loss.  But our patients may not buy and use the added products (doctors can only make medical recommendations, but can’t and won’t force our patients to follow our medical advices).  If the patient continues NOT to show weight loss progress, didn’t follow my medical advice and ignored my warning, the first time, I’ll put the refill request of appetite suppressants on hold until the patient filled the other required items.  If a patient still does not show weight loss progress (i.e., the patient doesn’t follow our medical advices), we’ll discontinue our services.

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