DietBuddy is our innovative approach to monitor, motivate and support patients in their fight against obesity and diabetes (diabesity).  Successful treatment of diabesity requires not only medications, but also patient’s lifestyle changes.  Lifestyle changes rely heavily on continuous motivation and support.  In the fight against diabetes, the major missing link is the continuous motivation and support for patients.  DietBuddy is designed to provide this missing link.  DietBuddy is a win-win-win system for patient, the DieBuddy and DrWLC.  The DietBuddy System works for both Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance Phases. Here is how DietBuddy works:

All DrWLC patients will have a diet buddy.  This buddy usually is the person who introduced the patient to DrWLC, but the patient may change the diet buddy to someone else.  Ideally, the Diet Buddy should be someone who is close to the patient, talks with or sees each other regularly.

  • Patients: All DrWLC patients are recommended to follow certain lifestyle changes (e.g., weigh in at least 2-3 times a week, follow our dietary and exercise instructions).  If the patient fails to follow these instructions, s/he will receive an email (and/or text message) notification.  If the patient fails to follow our instructions and fails to respond to our notification,  we’ll then notify his/her Diet Buddy.  The Diet Buddy is asked to check on the patient and to make sure the patient follows our instructions and to report back to us why the patient stops follow instructions.  We’ll then go through a trouble-shooting process to identify their problems and provide solutions.  With this DietBuddy system, our patients get real time, readily available monitoring and motivational support to achieve their weight loss goals.
  •  Diet Buddy: For the diet buddy, there are several incentives for them to provide support to their friends.  The Buddy needs to learn and practice the weight loss and weight maintenance guidelines.  This process itself  will help the Buddy to better manager his/her own weight control.  Second, the Buddy will receive a percentage (e.g. 5%) of all the sales from the patients that the Buddy referred to us.  This percentage (5%) actually is compounded, you’ll receive 5% from your down the line patient (e.g., let’s call the Patient A).  If Patient A also sponsors a down the line patient (Patient B), you’ll receive not only 5% from what A spends at DrWLC, but also 5% of the commission Patient A receives from Patient B’s sales.  All the commission payouts will come from DrWLC.  There is no extra charge to patients.
  • DrWLC: At DrWLC, we are primarily interested in better serving our patients to achieve better weight loss results.  Better results =  more success = more patients to us.  We realize that we, Dr. Cheng and his staff, do not have the time and manpower to counsel all his patients on a regular basis.  With this DietBuddy program, hopefully, our patients will receive better monitoring and support.  Instead of spending the money on advertisement (as most other clinics or businesses do), we’d rather give back the marketing dollars to our patients.

Note: As the DietBuddy program is a new program, there may be confusions, misunderstandings and technical difficulties early on.  Please report to us and be patient with us.  Let’s work together to build a better grass-root support structure for our battle against obesity.  We may make changes to this system without advanced notice.  But rest assured that all changes will be made to improve the system.

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*DietBuddy is registered trade marker.  DietBuddy mechanism is a trade marked system.

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