Weight Loss Contest Winners for April 2012

Biggest Weight Loser:  Brian L.

Brian lost 35 lbs & wins $100!

Biggest % Body Weight Loser: Paul J.

Paul lost 12% of his body weight and wins $100!

List of 20 lbs or more weight losers:

These winners win 5% discount of their next purchase!

Kristina O: She has been on our program for 6 months (and 3 days) and has lost a total of 96 lbs!  Congratulations!

Rita A.

Whitney B.

Marva T.

Marva lost 30+ lbs before but didn’t maintain.  She returned and lost 22 lbs in a month.  I hope she will maintain her weight this time after loses down to her ideal weight.

CanSandera J:

Shannon W:

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