Presentation (@1pm Monday, Apr. 2nd, 2018):KetoDiet for Weight Loss and Health

In our regular Monday Lecture Series, Dr. Cheng will present on Ketogenic Diet (KetoDiet for short) for Weight Loss and Health. Topics to be discussed include:

  1. What is Ketogenic Diet?  Why (healthy) fats are good for you.  Why carbs are bad. KetoDiet, it‘s health benefits.
  2. Why is KetoDiet a foundation for all chronic disease?
    1. Case studies of KetoDiet and nutritional therapy for autoimmune diseases like psoriasis, skin rash.
  3. Nutritonal KetoDiet (for health or for chronic disease management) vs. Restricted KetoDiet (for cancer management).
  4. How to eat on ketogenic diet, introduce some keto recipes.
  5. Other factors in a healthy diet.
    1. Brief introduction to oxidative stress, mitochondrial health, and nutritional approach to health.
  6. How to combine KetoDiet with our current weight management protocols to better manage your weight and other chronic diseases (autoimmune disorders, diabetes, heart disease and even cancer).

Date and Time: Apr. 2nd, 2018, Monday, at 1 pm.

Address: Cheng Integrative Health Center/Doctor‘s Weight Loss Center, 6149 St. Andrews Rd., Columbia, SC 29212 (across stree from Cici’s Pizza, in fornt of the K-Mart).

Dr. Richard Cheng, MD


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