Covid-19, Vitamin C, Vaccine and Integrative Medicine (3)

Covid-19, Vitamin C, Vaccine and Integrative Medicine

-The journey of a Chinese American doctor, caught between the East and the West, the contemporary and integrative medicine.

The Chinese IVC Clinical Trials

I guess our call for VC was getting somewhere.  Or maybe it’s making other people more willing to stand up and try VC. Anyways, I began to make new friends. I got connected with Dr. Peng, the principal investigator of the first announced high-dose intravenous VC (HDIVC) trial in the treatment of Wuhan pneumonia. Dr. Peng’s IVC trial used 24,000 mg/day IVC in treating these patients. It was like a shot in the arm, that probably encouraged more dcotors to use HDIVC. Before we knew it, the 2nd and 3rd IVC trials were initiated.  I and our international members got in touch with these trial teams and other teams that were interested in either studying HDIVC or direclty using HDIVC. We were intimately involved in the design of some of these trials.

A Wuhan family is saved from the new corona viral infection with VC.

In my WeChat group (a social media APP, very popular in China), someone told me a story of a lady in Wuhan about VC. I did some research and found that lady, Niu Niu and she told me her story.

Niu Niu lives in Wuhan with her teenage daughter, and her parents and brother-in-law couple, are not far away. The 6 of them gathered together regularly especially around the Chinese New Year.  They went shopping together for the New Year supply and the whole family, like the rest of the country, showed exuberant festive happiness.

Then just a few days before the big day, grandma came down with what looked like a common cold.  She felt a bit sick with cough, fatigue and a low-grade fever.  Nothing serious. Around this time, the Wuhan pneumonia rumor was widely spreading, despite the rigorous suppression of this information. Niu Niu had taken some courses on nutrition and knew about VC. So she immediately advised the entire family to take VC. The whole family followed her advise and was taking high-dose VC, around 10,000 mg-20,000 mg daily.  But the grandma wasn’t entirely compliant and was taking only around 5,000 mg a day. The next 10 days went by, grandma was more or less the same, and didn’t get much worse.  The family of 6 ate together nearly every day. No one was wearing a mask nor wearing gloves at home.  No one took grandma’s cold too seriously: Grandma was doing just fine. Grandma is 71 years old with diabetes mellitus and coronary heart disease with stents placed.  She also had a few other chronic diseases. She is not in good health. With her age and health problems, grandma was in the high mortality risk group for the new corona virus.

By the end of January, it gradually became clear of the seriousness of the new corona virus epidemic. Grandma, still on VC daily, went to hospital to check out if she had the virus. Sure enough, she received a diagnosed of new corona viral infection and was admitted to the hospital. While in the hospital grandma’s temperature quickly went up to 390C (~1030F). Niu Niu, her brother and sister-in-law took turn to take care of grandma. Her condition continued to deteriorate and soon she began to develop respiratory difficulties, requiring ECMO (extra corporeal membrane oxygenation, or iron lung) and was transferred to ICU. Grandma even lost her consciousness while at ICU. At this time, the first IVC clinical trial was announced.  Niu Niu took the official IVC trial information to the ICU chief and begged for high-dose IVC use for grandma.  Luckily the ICU chief agreed, but would only give 10,000 mg per day. Even on 10,000 mg daily IVC, Grandma gradually improved, stabilized and was discharged to the regular ward. She spent about 10 days in ICU.

Not only grandma was recovering from a severe Covid-19 pneumonia with respiratory distress, Niu Niu and other 5 members of the family also did not catch Covid-19 infection, despite close contact with a confirmed Covid-19 patient with only masks and gloves for protection.  In particular, Niu Niu, her brother and sister-in-law were taking care of grandma in a hospital where there were many other Covid-19 patients.

I recorded a video and uploaded onto Youtube. This video went viral and received 300,000 views in just 7 days. Then one morning, I received an email notice from Youtube saying my video “violated Youtube’s community rules” and thus was removed. I emailed Youtube and informed them that this was my real interview of Niu Niu, not some story that I made up. But Youtube didn’t care.

So much for “free speech”. I guess we have the right of free speech, but they control what is allowed and what is not.

I have since moved my videos to The above mentioned video can be found at:

Shanghai Medical Association officially endorses high dose vitamin C in the treatment of Covid-19.

More and more news about Vit C use began to surface. The most significant one came on March 1st, when the Shanghai Expert Panel on Covid-19 published their consensus treatment guidelines on Covid-19.

One senior member of the Shanghai Expert Panel is Dr. Enqiang Mao, professor and chief of emergency medicine, Ruijing Hospital, Jiaotong University Medical School. I and our International Team held a video conference with Dr. Enqiang Mao on March 17th with some of the Vit C experts worldwide, including Dr. Paul Marik whose study of using HDIVC to treat sepsis in 2017 caused a renewed worldwide interest in VC’s clinical use. Dr. Apha Fowler, on the CITRIS-ALI trial (the largest HD-IVC trial on sepsis), was also present.

In this video conference, Dr. Mao told the group that all confirmed Covid-19 patients were treated at the Shanghai Public Health Center and the treatment protocols were all discussed among the expert panel members. His team treated ~50 Covid-19 patients, out of a total of 358 confirmed Covid-19 patients in Shanghai.

Hospital treatment of serious and critical COVID-19 infection with high-dose Vitamin C

Dr. Mao told us that the VC patients appeared to improve faster with an average hospital stay that’s about 5 days shorter compared to the 30-day hospital stay for all patients.  There was no death in the VC group and no significant side effects were noted either. There were a total of 3 fatalities of Covid-19 infection, but none of those 3 received IVC treatment.

Guangdong Province Expert Panel officially included high-dose IV VC in the treatment of Covid-19 Treatment.

On March 6th, Guangdong province also published its Expert Panel treatment consensus on Covid-19, which included high-dose Vit C.

Talk with Dr. ZY Peng, the principal investigator of the world’s first HD-IVC clinical trial on Covid-19. 

Click here for the transcript.

After many attempts, we finally were able to invite Dr. ZY Peng to join us in an video conference with our international friends on April 9th, to share with us his experience and insights into Covid-19 and HD-IVC.


  1. HD-IVC seems to reduce the inflammation of Covid-19 significantly.
  2. HD-IVC seems to reduce Covid-19 paitnet’s ICU and hospital stays.
  3. HD-IVC may also reduce the mortality rate of Covid-19 patients, although the number of patients may be too small.
  4. Dr. Peng also told the group that his hospital was giving Vit C powder to all healthcare providers and advised them to take 1-2 grams of VC powder daily.  He also said he believes all the major hospitals in Wuhan were giving Vit C powder to their healthcare providers.  (I think this is significant because although the treatment of moderate to severe Covid-19 patients is very important, prevention or treatment of mild cases is probably even more important for obvious reasons. -Richard Cheng, MD).

to be continued.

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