From cholesterol to heart disease and health

Conventional medicine studies in great detail of each and every disease process, while ignoring the very basic and fundamental root causes at play. This is the major reason why most, if not all, chronic disease we know today have no cure, because we are treating only the symptoms, not root causes.
Hereditary genetic diseases are few and most of us have good healthy genes. Don’t doubt our genes!

I believe there are 3 categories of root causes of most, if not all, of our chronic diseases:

  1. Nutrition. These are what our body needs for optimal health. Deficiency or imbalance of these nutrients will result in sub-optimal health and cause diseases.
  2. Toxins, the factors that normally have no place in our body and when present in our body, may impair our health and cause various diseases. These ”foreign“ causes include biological (i.e, viral and bacterial pathogens), chemical (toxins and heavy metals) and physical (radiation, EMF etc) toxins.
  3. Our internal changes due to natural aging such as menopause and andropause. These changes are a result of our aging process, but also contribute to many pathologies. Restoring the hormonal balances to levels similar to our youth will slow down the aging process and prevent or reduce the severity of many of the aging related diseases and symptoms.

Other than the above root causes, we also have secondary causes that happen due to the above root causes. These secondary causes, however, may also contribute to further diseases or symptoms. Leaky gut or dysbiosis, for example, are seen in many chronic diseases. But they are caused by unhealthy diets and contaminated foods. The fundamental treatment of these conditions and the diseases related to them is by correcting the unhealthy dietary habits and avoid the offending contaminated toxins (such as glyphosate).

Conventional medicine, unfortunately, focuses almost entirely on these secondary causes or just the symptoms. No wonder we can’t reverse or cure these chronic diseases.

Someone asked me about cholesterol (including HDL-C and LDL-C) and cardiovascular diseases (CVDs). In general, I believe that the elevated cholesterol (total, HDL-C, LDL-C) are an indicator, not a cause of CVDs. This is akin to fever to disease. Lowering cholesterol is like lowering temperature: it doesn’t really change much of the disease course, but rather a symptomatic treatment. Again, our health (of lack thereof, i.e., disease) is a multi-factorial process. High cholesterol is more of a suggestion of abnormal fat metabolism, which again goes back to my central thesis: we rely too much on carbs for energy and renders fats for energy pathways underutilized and impaired. The other 2 major causes that may impair our metabolism (including fat metabolism) are nutritional elements (vitamins, minerals and nutrients) as well as toxins (chemicals, heavy metals and physical toxins including but not limited to EMFs and radiations). I believe if we go back to our ancestral diets (low carb/keto/carnivore diets, at least low carb for most people) and keep our nutrition optimal and balanced and remove the toxins we have accumulated over the many years, we’ll be able to at least slow down much of our chronic diseases, we may even be able to reverse them and maintain health.

A recent large scale meta-analysis shows no correlation of dietary cholesterol with CVDs. This again provides further evidence that cholesterol is not our enemy. If you want to lose weight, if you want to lower your cholesterol, then eat Fat!



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