How to Live a Healthier, Happier & Longer Life?

Announcing the Y-Fountain Anti-Aging

Lecture Series

A healthier, happier, and longer life is only possible with the priority on the prevention, treatment and potential reversal of chronic diseases, followed by specific anti-aging targeted therapeutics.

Aug 13th (this Sat), 9pm

 Zoom (ID: 332 511 4061; Passcode: 999999)

A healthier, happier & longer life is the eternal dream of the mankind. But all of us mortals want a quick fix: to enjoy all the “sins” (e.g., smoking and drinking, staying up late playing mahjong), and then expect to pop a miracle pill to rid us of all the illnesses and live a long life. Where there is a market need, there is a “solution”. The market is full of profit-driven “smart” businesses and unscrupulous “scientists” trying to sell you a miraculous longevity pill.

A “Healthier, happier, longer life” is not just a miracle longevity pill. You pay for it and you “sacrifice” for it: you need to “sacrifice” (change your unhealthy habits and unhealthy lifestyle). Abundant research, life experience and common sense tell us that the vast majority of us are not able to reach the biological limits of our life (estimated to be ~125 years of age) because most of us suffer from chronic diseases, which greatly cut short of our expected lifespan.

A healthier, happier and longer life starts with the prevention, treatment and reversal of the common chronic diseases first. Dr. Cheng, in the upcoming Lectures Series (How to Live a Healthier, Happier & Longer Life), will share with you his experience and learning of the past 40+ years. Please note this is a public English lecture series.

Initiated, organized and sponsored by:

  1. The Y Fountain Inc, a San Francisco-based biotech firm, pioneering in developing anti-aging drugs and nutraceuticals using cutting edge technology.
  2. Richard Cheng, M.D., Ph.D.
    • Board certified anti-aging specialist
    • President, Cheng Integrative Health Center (, with offices in Columbia, SC, USA and Shanghai, China
    • Editorial Board Member, Orthomolecular Medicine (
    • Executive Editor, Orthomolecular Medicine Education Service (
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