High strength vitamin/mineral tablets

In our Holistic hCG Diet, we include a high potency vitamin/mineral tablet (T-Gram or M-Vite).  T-Gram/M-Vite is very important when you are on our hCG diet.  It is to balance the electrolytes and vitamins.  Without T-Gram/M-Vite, it is very likely that you may develop side effects such as leg cramps and other discomfort.  Take T-Gram or M-Vite with food at supper time.  Do not take it in the morning with an empty stomach, as it will very likely cause stomach upset.

Our mineral/vitamin tablets contain 100% or more of the daily recommended doses of vitamins and minerals, than the ones sold over the counter.  One tablet a day of T-Gram/M-Vite is sufficient to maintain your electrolyte and vitamin balance under normal circumstances.  But if you sweat more than usual (such as gardening or exercising in the summer for hours), you will need to supplement yourself with extra electrolytes.  You may do so by adding lemon juice into your water bottle (do not add sugar), or eat some salted pickles.


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