What if you don’t like injection?

There are several forms of hCG available on the market, i.e., injection, sublingual, nasal and transdermal.  However, we prefer and recommend the injection form for the following reasons:

  1. First and foremost, the injection form is the most reliable.  Once injected, it’s in your body 100%.  Whereas the other forms can never achieve 100% absorption.  Worse, the absorption rate varies depending on the many factors, e.g., the oral temperature, the time you hold the sublingual solution under tongue.
  2. All forms other than injection form are more expensive than the injection form.
  3. Injection form is actually pretty easy and painless, once you are trained.  The injection form uses the same technique and needles as the diabetics patients use for their insulin injection.  Think about it.  Millions and millions of diabetic patients have no choice but to inject themselves several times a day of insulin.  How can they tolerate it, if it really hurts them?
  4. If you really don’t like injection, you can rent or buy an automatic injector to help you with the injection.  With the automatic injector, you won’t feel a thing. Even with buying or renting an auto-injector, it’s still cheaper than the other forms of hCG.
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