5% Discount to Timely Refill

For new patients, when you are in the Weight Loss Phase (trying to lose weight), if you order a refill 7 days before you run out of your meds, you’ll receive a 5% Discount.  This is designed to prevent lapse of medication coverage which tends to hurt weight loss process.

We recommend all those who need to lose weight to stay on a diet plan for 2-3 months continuously.  This is because staying continuously on a plan for 2-3 months usually produces longer lasting healthy lifestyle changes.

We have seen 2 types of dieters.  The first type are those who stay on the diet for a few months continuously until they reach their weight loss goal.  Another type is those who go on a diet for a month and lose some weight, then stop and in a few months they come back again after regaining all the weight back.  The major reason for the failure of the second type is because they don’t stay on a diet long enough to really make any significant changes to their lifestyle.

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