Weight Loss Contest Winners of the Month

Tateunna T is the Biggest Weight Loser of the Month. She wins $100!

She 25 lbs in 28 days with a total loss of 30 lbs since she started 35 days ago.

Amber D, Athina C and Ruth D all lost 11% of their starting body weight

They win $100 each.

Athina C has already reached a BMI of <23.  Athina should switch to Weight Maintenance  phase.

After initial >20 lbs weight loss, Ruth D. regained some weight back.  When she restarted our program recently, she starts losing quickly again.  Ruth’s problem in the past was that she didn’t follow the Weight Maintenance instructions.

Winners of Weight Loss of > 20 lbs:  Anne B., Benjamin R., Dan H., Eric M, and Valorie R.   They all win a 5% Discount Coupon.

Congratulations to all the winners.  To be eligible for the contests, you need to weigh in regularly.

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