Why do we regain the weight we lost?

It’s frustrating for many people, after successfully losing their weight on a diet, to regain all the weight they lost and maybe some more.  One popular theory is that we have a weight “thermostat” in our brain.  This thermostat sets our body weight.  No matter how hard we try, our weight will eventually go back to where it was.

Well, no one has ever found this thermostat yet.  I don’t entirely believe this theory.  I think the main reason is our lifestyle.  Everyone has certain lifestyle.  It’s this life style that caused us to gain weight in the first place.  After successful weight loss, if we don’t change this lifestyle, of course we will regain what we lost.  If there is any thermostat, this life style is our thermostat.

So we should look at any weight loss program as a staring point of lifestyle change.  After going off these programs, we need to maintain the new and healthier lifestyle.  If we don’t, we’ll regain the weight.  I don’t think there is any magic here.



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