Weight Loss Winners (>$500 in Prizes)

The Biggest Weight Losers of the month ($100 Prize)

Laurel B, lost 21 lbs in 14 days.

Angin L. lost 22.5 lbs in a month.

Richard M. lost 22.5 lbs this month and 60 lbs in 50 days.

Laurel B


Angin L

Richard M

 The Biggest % Body Weight Losers of the Month ($100 Prize)

Tatyana B. lost 12% of her starting body weight.

Yelena E. lost 12% of her starting body weight.

Tatyana B


Yelena B


The 20 lb per month Weight Loser Winner (10% Coupon)

Taylor D. lost 20 lbs in a month.

Taylor D.

Congratulations to all the winners above.  Do you want to win these prizes?  Then start your diet today, follow our instructions, and weigh in online twice a week.  Click here for more info.

Happy Dieting!

Dr. Cheng


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