The Epoch Times Interview on Vit C for Covid-19

Dr. Andrew Saul, editor-in-chief, Orthomolecular Medicine News Service ( today shared with us of his the Epoch Times interview sometime ago, on Vit C and Covid-19.

During the interview, Dr. Saul discussed the abundant research and clinical data of VC’s (indisputable, my word) anti-viral effects, VC on Covid-19 and the censorship on VC. He also discussed my involvement of VC on Covid-19.  We were the first to report using VC for Covd-19 and also promoting VC for Covid-19 worldwide.

“Not only did they do a good interview; they also released part 2 a week later.  Very unlike most newspapers, they did not edit out comments I made: practically everything I said was in the published articles.” Said Dr. Saul.

The Epoch Times, a NYC based newspaper with 1.5 million readership, interview can be found at:

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