Trazadone and Fluoxetine

Both Trazadone and Fluoxetine are SSRIs and they are part of our weight loss protocols.  SSRIs are known as anti-depressants.  However, when used for anti-depression, the dosage is usually much higher.  SSRIs are often used for other clinical conditions, other than depression.  One such example is the use of Prozac to help reduce women’s PMS symptoms.

The desired effects of Trazadone or Fluoxetine in our diet plans include:

  • Helps to reduce your stress level;
  • Helps to reduce your cravings of foods.

Potential side effects.  Although at the very low doses that we use, these side effects are infrequent and mild.  These mild side effects will go away after discontinued use.

  • Sleepiness, tiredness, altered sex drive (increase or decrease).
    • Trazadone is also used as an sleep aid.  Insomnia is one of the common side effects when one takes appetite suppressants.  The use of Trazadone helps to alleviate the insomnia problem.  Trazaone also tends to increase the sex drive, rather than decrease it.  Some people may feel a bit groggy in the first few days after being on Trazadone, but usually this improves.  If no improvement is seen in a week or so, we may need to decrease the dosage.
    • Fluoxetine doesn’t cause morning grogginess as much, but it tends to decrease sex drive, esp. in men.  It is a great medication to reduce stress level.

Please report to us any undesired effects.  We may need to adjust the dosing and timing of these meds to achieve the best results.  Please fill out an online follow up report or email us.  Thanks.

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