Water Pill (Herbal Diuretic and Maxzide)

Why do we use a water pill on the diet?

Water pills are used to:

  • Enhance your metabolism.  Water to your body is like oil to your car.  If you don’t have enough oil in your car, or if you have dirty oil in a car, you will have lower gas mileage (=lower metabolism to our body); engine damage.  The engines of our body are in every cell.  For these molecular “engines” to function properly, we need sufficient and clean “oil” that is water.  While we change our car oil every once a while.  When was the last time you took your body to a “mechanic” for an “oil” change?  The only ways for us to change our body’s water are to drink plenty of clean water (to push water in) and use diuretics (they help you to urinate more) to help you to drain your body’s water.  So if you drink plenty of clean water and urinate more often, you are changing your body’s dirty “oil” and you are improving.
  • We use either an Herbal Diuretic or a Maxzide to achieve the above goals.  A H. Diuretic is milder, whereas Maxzide is a bit stronger.  We usually start a patient on herbal diuretic first.  If the patient doesn’t respond well (increased urination frequency without causing discomfort or disturbance to lifestyle), then we may switch over to Maxzide.
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